BOS Seamless-absolute rated Filterbags Pall / FSI:

The BOS filter bag is a Polymicro filter bag without any seams due to the way of manufacturing. It has unique materials that ensure better efficiency, with graded pore-size distribution resulting in absolute filtration. Due to the Heat-bonded microfibres, the filter bag comes without any seams and is still very stretchable. This provides the best possible resistance to channeling, unloading, bypass and other forms of leakings. This high-end filter bag is perfect when precise, absolute filtration is needed. 

Pall FSI BOS Beutelfilters Absolute rated filter bags are available in size 1 and 2.

  • BOS5PM2P
  • BOS10PM2P
  • BOS1PM2P 
  • BOS50PM2P
  • BOS5PM1P 
  • BOS10PM1P
  • BOS1PM1P 
  • BOS50PM1P

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zakkenfilter hoge efficiency
De high-efficiency filterzakken zijn verkrijgbaar 1-25 micron, en hebben een efficiëntie van >95%. Beschikbaar in zowel Polypropyleen en Polyester en in vier standaard maten.