Carlson Filtration Rebranding involves a new logo

Carlon Filtration, know for their high quality filter sheets and modules are rebranding.
From Carlson:

“As part of the branding process, we are taking the opportunity to incorporate our new image on our package, stationery and website.

In terms of the packaging, we will change from a neutral white box to a brown box with the new Carlson logo. This change will be implemented over several weeks as we exhaust our stock of products in the old format.


A quick overview of the Carlon product range:

BK series filtersheets – for filtration of viscous liquids and liquids containing high levels of proteinaceous hazes or semi-solid contaminants.

XE series filtersheets – filtration of products where they give outstanding clarity and stability combined with long sheet life and integrity. XE sheets are all low in pyrogen content ie <0.125Eu/ml.

EE series filtersheets – manufactured from high quality 100% bleached cellulose fibres.

W2N series filtersheets – acts as a support for filter aids which include: kieselguhr, perlites, activated carbon, polyvinylpolyprrolidone (PVPP) and other specialist treatment powders.

PROC3 series filtersheets – a wide range of high quality activated carbon filtersheets.

XS series filtersheets – specifically designed for distilled spirits.

Filter modules – All sheets are also available as a filter module also known as Carboplus lenticular filters.

Filter equipment and spare parts – Filter presses and filter module housings.


For more information , please contact us at: +31 (0)79-3412314 or


Carlson Filtration Rebranding involves a new logo