FSPN E-Z Open Filtervessel Pall / FSI:

Van Borselen Filters' answer to time-saving operations is the Pall / FSI FSPZ Easy Open Lid Vessel replacement, the innovative alternative to manually opening and closing a multi bagfilter vessel (Filtergehäuse). Utilizing a unique sliding bracket retaining system, it’s operated simply by using the lid activator handle. The Easy Open Lid rotates and raises to a locked position in the time it normally takes to loosen one or two eyebolts on a conventional vessel. The Easy Open Lid is available on bag filter models holding 4 to 24 bags. It can be fully opened in under 30 seconds which significantly lowers the cost of operating your vessels, and makes the change-out procedure easier and safer.

Housing Materials: Number of filter cartridges Filter bag size
304 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
Carbon steel
4-99 Bag filters Multi-Bag Design: 1,2

Request your new FSI/Pall Filterhousing or Sparepart by: +31(0)79-3412314 or info@vanborselen.nl

FSMC Cartridge vessel Pall FSI

Our alternative

filterzakken huis meervoudig
De filterhuizen voor meerder filterzakken zijn te verkrijgen tot 12 filterzakken in één filterhuis. Dit maakt het filterhuis geschikt voor zeer hoge vloeistofstromen in een compact filterhuis. De filterhuizen kunnen naar wensen worden geproduceerd en worden geleverd in verschillende drukklasse en ATEX.