Wide range metallic filters

Van Borselen Filters supplies a wide range of metallic and cleanable filters which are used throughout many industrial and process applications.
Wide range metallic filters

Our current range of products includes:

  • Filter elements and cartridges
  • Candle filters
  • Leaf disc filters.
  • Sintered discs, sheets, cups, tubes
  • Flow Restrictors and Vents
  • Flame Arrestors
  • Spargers

Van Borselen supplies a wide range of porous sintered metal products in a broad range of materials such as Stainless Steel, Bronze, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy X, Hastelloy C22, Inconel 600, Monel 400, Nickel, Titanium and more.

Our ongoing success is based on a dedication to technical excellence and superior customer service. Our future will be built on our investment in research and development to provide innovative new products that exceed the expectations of our customers in solving the challenges that they face.

For more information please contact us at 079-3412314  of info@vanborselen.nl