The Oilskimmer 5H is a skimmer that can be placed horizontally and often directly on the edge of a tank. This makes the 5H Oilskimmer ideal for above ground tanks.

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Material Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316

Product addition / Datasheet

5H-Bro-4pages (608.58 kB)

Description / 5H

5H Oilskimmer

The 5H Oilskimmer removes oil-containing waste using an oil collector hose. The oil adheres to the outside of the floating hose which is slowly pulled over the water surface. The 5H Oilskimmer is intended for horizontal mounting with the same specs as the 6V. 

Horizontal installation
Closed-loop collector tube floats on the water surface
Collector tube performance is not affected by floating debris
Tube floats easily with water level up or down
Rotating action of collector tube breaks up oil crusts
Virtually maintenance free operation
Unique anti-clogging design
Die-cast metal housing and construction elements
High performance, quiet running motor
Can work without supervision 24/7 
Up to 30 years of service life for this oil skimmer


This product includes a power cable, but does not come with a plug.

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