Porous Sintered Metal

We supply Stainless steel

Van Borselen supplies a complete range of porous sintered metal products. These have a very uniform porosity distribution and can be produced in the most diverse forms and materials; Stainless steel, Bronze, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy X, Hastelloy C22, Inconel 600, Monel 400, Nickel, Titanium and more.

Van Borselen is one of the few suppliers that can also produce sintered porous stainless steel filters in small quantities to order.

Porous Sintered Metal
Poreus gesinterde metalen discs en poreuze schijven
Porous sintered metal discs available in a variety of materials, finenesses and sizes.
Poreus gesinterd metalen filter cups.
Porous sintered metal filter cups, available in different fineness and materials.
Poreus gesinterde metalen tube buis.
Porous metal tubing is customizable to your application and specifications. Variables such as length, diameter, thickness, alloys and media can be customized to meet your filtration, flow and chemical compatibility specifications for your product or process.
Poreus gesinterde metalen Sparger
Porous sintered Spargers increase gas absorption by as much as 300% over traditional gas spargers. resulting in less gas consumption. Sparger are available as inline sparger, tank sparger, micro spager and as an assembly.
Porous Sintered Flow Restrictor
Flow Restrictor made of sintered metal. The Flow Restrictor can be custom made to fit any hardware, The porous design allows laminar gas flow with integrated filtration in one step.
Poreus gesinterde metalen flame arrestor
Porous metal flame Arrestors are designed to meet specific flows and are available in many different materials and sizes.
Poreus gesinterde metalen frits.
Porous chromatography Frits are used in HPLC columns to hold the gasket in place and provide a uniform flow of sample through the column with a low hold-up volume. These frits can withstand high pressures and highly corrosive chemicals.
Poreus gesinterde platen, filterplaat gemaakt van gesinterd metaal
Porous Sintered metal sheets, available in various sizes, finenesses and materials.


In applications with persistently high temperatures and corrosive environments, any pressure-driven filtration process can be improved with sintered porous stainless steel filter technology at high operating costs. Suitable applications can be found in refineries, chemical and petrochemical processes, semiconductor processes and in pharmaceutical production, steam filtration, air filtration. 

We supply:

  • Sintered spargers
  • Sintered filters
  • Sintered stainless steel filter disc
  • Sintered metal filter disc
  • Sintered filter tube
  • Sintered sheets
  • Sintered frits
  • etc.