polypropyleen, meltblown filterkaarsen

A Polypropylene Meltblown depth filter. Which is available in many different micronratings and lengths. This depth filter cartridges is ideally suited for products with a variation in particle size.

JNC CP depth filter

The CPH Depth filter cartridge consists of 100 % polyester fibres. providing excellent chemical resistance up to 120c. 

JNC CP depth filter

JNC CP2 Filter cartridges with a uniform perforation structure, constructed using PP fiber coated with PE for enhanced depth filtration.

JNC CP depth filter

Experience the excellence of JNC's BM Absolute rated Bicomponent filter cartridges, where true depth filtration meets absolute retention.

The JNC BI-component filter cartridge, designed with a robust and rigid structure, which gives a superior performance, The Bi-componet filters can be used in a wide range of applications and avalible in different grades.  This advanced filtration solution provides absolute reduction ratings, ensuring you get the highest purity levels. Its meticulously controlled pore size in the filter matrix emphasizes clear differentiation between cartridge grades, ensuring precision and uniformity in filtration results.
By opting for the JNC BI-component filter cartridge, you're choosing state-of-the-art contaminant removal, unwavering effluent quality, and an extended service lifespan suitable for a multitude of applications. With our wide selection of media grades powered by innovative technology, you can customize performance, ensuring the higest level of filtration efficiency.
The JNC BM absolute filters are a alternative for the 3M Betapure AU Z11 and Z13 model. The JNC CPH matches the performance of the 3M Betapure Polyester series, while the JNC CP2 is a worthy alternative for the standard 3M Betapure filter cartridges. 

In the  manufacturing process of the JNC BI-component filter, They adhere to strict quality standards, thorough in-process evaluations, and detailed end-product scrutiny. This diligence guarantees consistent filtration quality, batch after batch. Ideal for a spectrum of applications, including high-end paints, film coatings, resins, inks, desalination, plating, machine coolants, and process water, our filters are unparalleled. The sturdy design ensures consistent pore size, delivering consistent results even under strenuous conditions. One of the core challenges in filtration is minimizing filter bypass. We've addressed this with a uniquely designed polyethylene foam seal. Moreover, by reducing flow restrictions, we offer a solution that not only maximizes efficiency but also curtails filtration costs. Our filters, tailored for specific applications, are not just about peak performance but also cost-efficiency.

Coatings – high quality paint, film coatings, resins, and ink.
General industrial – desalination, plating, machine tool coolant, process water.
Electronics – pre-RO, wafer slurries, ceramic slurries, chemical mechanical polishing, disc cleaning.
Chemical/petro-chemical – process water, pre-RO, amine, fine chemicals.