Filtrox Filtrodur 900

These filter sheets are manufactured from specially selected raw materials such as purified and bleached cellulose. This filter sheet is used as a support plate for cake filtration.

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More Information

Material Cellulose
Application Water, Food and Beverage, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Paint resin and coating
Type Filter Sheets
Standard size 40x40, 60x60
Folded 400x800, 600x1200, 800x1600, 1000x2000, 1200x2400

Product addition / Datasheet

FILTRODUR900-e (204.69 kB)

Description / Filtrox Filtrodur 900

The Filtrodur® 900 is a supporting sheet for precoat filtration. Due to the unique mixture of high quality cellulose fibers and a selected wet strength agent it is developed for superior long lifetime at high challenges. The Filtrodur® 900 is optimized for a high «Doublefold» number. This reflects high strain resistance which is needed at the position where the frame is pressed into the sheet for sealing. 


There is a broad field of applications for the precoat filtration with the Filtrodur® 900. The main applications are characterized by a high percentage of solids in a turbid liquid (solid content approx. 0.8 – 1 %) that need to be retained. Mainly used in the beverage industries for beer filtration it is also used in industrial applications i.e. pharmaceutical and/or biotech processes


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