Custom made sanitary bag filter housing

Bag filter housing designed and manufactured for one of the largest candy manufacturers to filter their sugar syrup. All these filters are designed with heating jacket to heat the syrup with hot water at 60˚C.

Van Borselen designed the SS316L filter housings aswell as the SS316L basket with a 200µm mesh layer and basket locking system.

Resulting in a full sanitary, easy to clean and meeting full customer specifications:

  • 4 pieces custom made housings
  • Full sanitary design @ 0.4Ra internal polish.
  • Heating jacket
  • 10 bar g design pressure
  • 110C design temperature
  • Custom 0% bypass locking system
  • Custom made filter basket @ 200micron mesh
  • Custom in-/outlet positions
  • Custom drain and vents

Van Borselen has over 96 years experience in custom made solutions for your specific application and requirements.

Engineering capacities

  • One of our strengths is developing filter vessels for critical applications in the chemical industry.
  • We have a wide experience in supplying filter vessels e.g.:
  • Duplex (UNS S31803),
  • Super-Duplex (UNS S32750/60),
  • Titanium,
  • SS316L,
  • CS (optionally with a coating or lining)

Our filter vessels comply with the necessary design codes (ASME VIII, EN13445, U-stamp and PD5500) and comply to ATEX and PED 97/23/EC standards. Both liquids and gases PED classes I, II, III, IV, all modules

Custom made sanitary bag filter housing