Van Borselen offers quality filters for industrial applications

Filter Sheets

Van Borselen has been supplying top quality filter sheets of the Carlson and Filtrox brands for many years. Carlson and Filtrox are one of the leading manufacturers of filter sheets.

Carlson and Filtrox designs produce a comprehensive set of depth filtration sheets these high quality depth filtration media are suitable for the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. 

Filter sheets:
A filter sheet is a depth filter which uses a 3D matrix. Filter sheets are made of cellose due to the special production method a 3D matrix is created in a filter sheet. This 3D matrix ensures that filter sheet not only filter the particles, but also absorb them and this ensures that there is much more chance that the dirt stays behind in the filter sheets. 

Filter sheetss (depth filters) are often used in applications with a high percentage of contamination where surface filters do not give enough filter life. Our filter sheets have a thickness of 3 to 4 mm, which is 3.000 to 4.000 times the size of a 1 micron particle.

We have a large variety of filter sheets, suitable for many applications from coarse filtration to sterile filtration.

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Filter sheet range

XE range of filter sheets - for use in clarifying and sterilising filtration duties

EE range of sheets for use where all cellulose fibre sheets are needed

W2N support sheet for depth filtration of bulk liquids, such as in beer and lager production, fruit juice manufacture or the processing of gelatine

XS range of speciality sheets for more demanding applications including spirit filtration

BK range - for high performance speciality applications

Proc 3 sheets which incorporate activated carbon for colour, odour and taste correction.

Sizes from 20x20 cm, 40x40cm, 60x 60 cm and custom.


Filter sheet production

All products are carefully formulated to provide particular filtration characteristics.

Ongoing investment in manufacturing facilities, coupled with stringent quality management practices (backed up by conformance to ISO9001:2008), ensure consistent product quality.

All "white" sheets are laser etched on the outlet / smooth side with grade and batch number for complete traceability; the production date is shown on the external packaging.


Van Borselen offers a comprehensive range of new filtration equipment, incorporating a full range of sheet filters and plate and frame filters varying from lab scale 20cm units through to large 60cm automatic closing units.

These can be offered in a variety of formats and materials of construction and we can provide advice regarding the exact size and number of plates and/or plates and frames needed to match the desired throughput. 

The Filtrox Group Factories

      Filtrox/Carlson Ltd in Barnoldswick UK