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Felt Filter bag Absolute

The absolute rated filterbags consists of up to 8 layers of meltblown polypropylene and polyester media, including an outer cover to prevent fibre migration. This outer layer also provides support to the filtration media. The absolute rated filterbags come standard with a Polyloc and are fully welded to ensure no bypass can occur at the basket and through needle holes.

Available in 0.5 till 5 micron Absolute Rated  99,98% Beta 5000.


Materials of Manufacture​  
Filter media Polypropylene or Polyester
Collar Polypropylene, Polyester Steel or Stainless steel 
Micron Rating: 0.5-5 micron (99,98%, Beta 5000)
Filterbag Dimensions Size 1   
Diameter (inch/mm) 7''/180mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 17''/810mm
Surface area (m2) 0.25
Volume(l) 11
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 20
Filterbag Dimensions Size 2  
Diameter (inch/mm) 7''/180mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 32''/810mm
Surface area (m2) 0.5
Volume(l) 20
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 40
Filterbag Dimensions Size 3  
Diameter (inch/mm) 4''/104mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 9''/230mm
Surface area (m2) 0.07
Volume(l) 1.9
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 6
Filterbag Dimensions Size 4  
Diameter (inch/mm) 4''/104mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 14''/360mm
Surface area (m2) 0.12
Volume(l) 3.2
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 10
Additional information  
  Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards 
Conforms to EC Food contacts directives. 
Regulation 21 CFR part 177
Silicone free 


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