Felt Filter Bags Polyester

Filter bags made of Polyester available in four standard sizes and in finenesses from 0.5 to 200 microns. The polyester filter media is suitable for applications up to 140c.

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More Information

Material Polyester
Application Water, Food and Beverage, Chemistry, Paint resin and coating
Type Filterbag
Micron 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200
Filter media Polypropyleen, Polypropylene/ Polyester/Nylon, Nomex, PTFE
Collar Steel, Polypropylene/ Polyester/Nylon, Nomex, PTFE

Description / Felt Filter Bags Polyester

Van Borselen Polyester Filter Bags are produced from 100% pure fibers. The Polyester Filter Bags have a welded seam, which eliminates the possibility of fluid bypass through needle holes. The Polyester filter bag is available in a range of 0.5 to 200 micron. All our filter bags are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standards and under silicone-free and food-safe conditions. The Van Borselen filter bag is available in 4 standard sizes and can be custom made if required.

Filterbag Dimensions

Size 1:

Diameter (inch/mm) - 7''/180mm
Lenght (inch/mm) - 17''/810mm
Surface area (m2) - 0.25
Volume(l) - 11
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) - 20

Size 2:

Diameter (inch/mm) - 7''/180mm
Lenght (inch/mm) - 32''/810mm
Surface area (m2) - 0.5
Volume(l) - 20
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) - 40

Size 3:

Diameter (inch/mm) - 4''/104mm
Lenght (inch/mm) - 9''/230mm
Surface area (m2) - 0.07
Volume(l) - 1.9
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) - 6

Size 4:

Diameter (inch/mm) - 4''/104mm
Lenght (inch/mm) - 14''/360mm
Surface area (m2) - 0.12
Volume(l) - 3.2
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) - 10

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