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Mesh Filter Bag Nylon

Van Borselen filters Nylon Mesh Filterbags have a precision woven structure thermofixed to give an absolute micron rating with no fibre migration. The Nylon Mesh filter bags are available in ranging of 1 till 1550 micron.


Materials of Manufacture​  
Filter media Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene and Fluoropolymer
Collar Polypropylene/ Polyester/Nylon, Nomex, PTFE, Steel, Stainless steel and many more.
Micron Rating: 1-1550 micron
Filterbag Dimensions Size 1   
Diameter (inch/mm) 7''/180mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 17''/810mm
Surface area (m2) 0.25
Volume(l) 11
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 20
Filterbag Dimensions Size 2  
Diameter (inch/mm) 7''/180mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 32''/810mm
Surface area (m2) 0.5
Volume(l) 20
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 40
Filterbag Dimensions Size 3  
Diameter (inch/mm) 4''/104mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 9''/230mm
Surface area (m2) 0.07
Volume(l) 1.9
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 6
Filterbag Dimensions Size 4  
Diameter (inch/mm) 4''/104mm
Lenght (inch/mm) 14''/360mm
Surface area (m2) 0.12
Volume(l) 3.2
Max Flow Rate (m3/hr) 10
Additional information  
  Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards 
FDA 21 CFR 177
Silicone free 


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